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Super Smokers Bbq sauces

Super Smokers Bbq sauces are the most popular local restaurant barbecue sauces on the retail Supermarket shelf in Saint Louis and surrounding metro area's. In the late 1990's River Town Foods worked closely with the original Super Smokers award winning cooking team to develop some of the best barbecue sauces to be found anywhere in this BBQ mad country of ours. River Town Foods thought so much of the Super Smokers Sauces, we purchased the brand and logo for our own in 2006.

There's a sauce to suit even the most descerming bbq pallet regardless of what region of the country you call home. We offer 7 bbq sauces (St. Louis Style, Kansas City Style, Championship, Tennessee, Texas Hot, Carolina Mustard and Honey) plus a marinade sauce. Theirs a barbecue sauce to match a flavor profile for the ultimate bbq sauce conisuer.

St. Louis Style - sweet, yet mild sauce that has a smooth and tasty profile. Our "St. Louis Style" has a customer base whose loyalty cannot be matched anywhere. Folks moving out of St. Louis have packed it by the case on their moving van.

Tennessee Original - thin and tangy sauce. The thin character makes it a good basting sauce for near the end of your cooking process.

Honey - this blend has just the right touch of Honey. Use it to make Honey BBQ chicken in the oven or on the grill for some of the best tasting Honey BBQ wings anywhere. Blend with our Carolina Mustard BBQ sauce for a super honey mustard dipping sauce or for scrumptious Honey Mustard BBQ wings.

Kansas City Style - KC has a lot of differnet sauces, but the style we designed is thick, sweet and smoky. Blend this with our Texas Hot sauce and you will create another style of sauce common in Kansas City BBQ places.

Texas Hot - various forms of cayenne bring out the sauce character and heat. Use it with honey and apple juice to make Great Hot Wings. For Chili, add a little bit of this sauce to make yours taste a little different from everybody else. Add this to any BBQ sauce to give it a good old fashioned Texas kick.

Championship Sauce - Spicy and sweet sauce.

Carolina Mustard - sweet, thick mustard based sauce. Add a touch to your favorite cole slaw and see what a difference it makes. Use as a mustard replacement on brat ad hot dogs!

Mississippi Mud Sauce - this marinade is the "back bone" to a great barbecuing experience. Use it to marinate or baste pork chops, pork steaks, tenderloins, ribs, or chicken. Add a little to soups or chili. Mix it with our Texas Hot sauce and honey for great BBQ wings. Always shake well.